Hello! This showreel represents some of my favorite client and personal work done over the last year. Everything here was created with a combination of Cinema 4D, Octane, and After Effects, sometimes supplemented with Marvelous Designer and Substance Painter.
0:00-0:04 | Personal project, fan art for the video game Rain World.
0:04-0:15 | Concert visuals for Marshmello.
0:15-0:27 | 3D assets and animation for Brightcove.
0:27-0:32 | Product render for Novasignal. I worked off of an untextured CAD export for this one.
0:32-0:40 | Explainer video for My Solar Quotes.
0:40-0:47 | Concert visuals for Tones and I.
0:47-0:53 | Personal project, my exploration into the aesthetic of 1930's animation.
0:53-0:56 | Personal project.
0:56-1:04 | Youtube intro for a game review channel.

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