Theologians categorize the ubiquitous goblin slave as a "living tool." Outfitted with telemetry, they are sent into situations deemed too dangerous for a human, or where retrieval is unlikely.

Inspired by my experience at a friend's DJ show, I wanted to develop a new style that would be suitable for a VJ graphics pack, the footage projected behind a performing DJ.

The project ended up evolving into a rich fictional setting, that I am working on developing into some sort of narrative work.

I made all of this in Cinema 4D, rendered with the awesome Sketch and Toon module. The VHS effect and color grading were done in After Effects, and the above animation was rendered in Octane.

There is still plunder to be found on this dim and dying Earth...

One last night before the delve.

“Supper was field sausage and cigarettes, one of the most common contents of a loot box. We ate them exclusively since we began delving full time.”

"We're at the water table already? There must be a way to delve deeper. Perhaps some ancient pump that can be coaxed into movement..."


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