GOBLIN PUNX is a series of 3D illustrations created primarily in VR using the modeling software Oculus Medium. I wanted to cast some sympathetic light on these pitiful creatures which are often resigned to the role of disposable minions. Instead, I portray them as belonging to a rich, diverse diaspora that has persisted despite centuries of oppression.

The most pious crusaders are often the most dangerous. Not due to any religious devotion, but because of the cruciform combat drone which silently accompanies them on their duties.

Goblins are often press-ganged into battle by the larger goblinoids, equipped with little more than an antique rifle. Here we see a new conscript fleeing his foxhole following bombardment from an enemy magus.

  An ancient world engine gone haywire causes the Wasteland to vacillate between extreme desert and monsoon-like deluge. A crafty goblin might enjoy a desert scallop, which burrow deep underground during the dry season.

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