In January 2022, I joined Geneva, a chat app startup, as a 3D designer. The intent was to bring some 3D style into their marketing and product, to appeal to their Gen-Z demographic.
This was one of my earliest projects for Geneva, a trio of hip, young characters, intended to grace your phone screen in a pop-up modal announcing the "friends" feature. It was quite the technical feat to create 3 rigged characters, with simulated clothing, in a 4 second seamless loop.
This is a series of icons I created to represent the various categories communities on Geneva could be categorized under, as part of a "home discovery" feature to encourage growth.
This was a video intended to appear inside a pop-up, announcing to web users that a standalone app is now available.
By the time I left Geneva, the company had pivoted hard to crypto and web3. My work for them incorporated a lot more UI elements and explainer style content.
A looping, animated GIF I was asked to make as an NFT for Geneva's investors.

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